Kenya Government Medium-Term Plan Implementation To Be Monitored Using New Electronic System


thika-superhighwayBetween 2008 and 2012, the Kenyan government engaged on massive infrastructure projects. This was part of the government’s first medium term plan (of Vision 2030) and one of the factors that contributed to the country’s steady economic growth during the period. The second MTP (2013-2017) is based on the gains on this economic gains as the government devolves socio-economic activities to the counties.

Commercializing agriculture, improving the quality of education and getting a higher GDP contribution from manufacturing are some of the goals of the second MTP. Involving the public in these activities could bring about greater success in the government’s roadmap. And as part of its transformation to e-government platforms, the GoK is creating a electronic system to report the progress of the 2nd MTP to the public.

Devolution and Planning Cabinet Secretary, Anne Waiguru, notes that this system allows devolution to run as a transparent and consistent process. To help gauge the progress of Vision 2030, the ministry shall publish Annual Progress Reports (APRs) and make this accessible to the public.