Samsung Homesync Price Hits Rock Bottom at $100

Samsung HomeSync

Samsung HomeSync

Samsung Homesync was launched sometime early last year in a plan for Samsung to increase the experience of your house media. This was to be the home cloud solution that doubled up as your media streaming device. At launch it was quite a promising device and if you go by the fact that there has been no follow-up to it over a year later you can tell the uptake wasn’t that great.

I still feel this was a great device if only to serve as your media consumption device with it’s full Android experience and control by smartphone app. Now this device launched at $300, a price that was was hit seriously by other players in the space like Google’s Chromecast that came at a price less than three times that of Homesync.

Bestbuy has dropped the price of Homesync to a mere $100 which can be considered a steal if you take into consideration the connectivity options it offers like WiFi , Ethernet, 1TB storage, HDMI out, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 3, 11 pin PC connection slot and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean which beams onto a connected TV at full HD 1080p.

Basically you can just add a bluetooth keyboard and mouse and call it your PC. Homesync did not sell in many countries outside the US, in-fact I never saw it in any of our local shelves.

via Sammyhub