Microsoft Completes Nokia Acquisition This Friday


Markets in the US and Europe didn’t waste time approving Microsoft’s acquisition of the Nokia’s device division. The deal which was announced in September has passed through interrogation by various international regulation bodies. China previously had reservation over the patent policy but the country has since approved of the deal. Microsoft had originally estimated that the deal would be closed by Q1 2014. The deal will however close this Friday (April 25) way past the projected time.

Stephen Elop who had been the boss of Nokia’s handset operations remains in charge of the business as head of devices division within Microsoft. Microsoft will also take charge of domain and the social media accounts for the minimum period of one year. Nokia maintians ownership of the manufacturing plants in China, Hungary, India, Mexico and Vietnam.

The focus for Nokia will now be on R&D, HERE mapping division, and the telecoms division – Nokia Solutions and Networks.