Google Play listing hints at Google Play edition Galaxy S5


At Google I/O last year, Google introduced us to its new Google Play edition device program. The first device in that program was the Galaxy S4 and it won the hearts of the many who were not entiurely satisfied by Samsung’s modifications and craved the stock Android look and feel while still rocking beefy specs. Other devices like the HTC One and the Sony Xperia Z Ultra later followed. This year, HTC went ahead to make available the Google Play edition One M8 on the same day the Sense 6 M8 shipped. We were a little shocked that Samsung didn’t pursue a similar route but with another I/O drawing closer and the GPe device already a hit, we should not be shocked if Samsung tries to distract us from those never-ending Galaxy S5 Prime rumours with a GPe Galaxy S5.

GS gpe

In a listing that names the Galaxy S4 GPe, a poorly photoshopped photo of the Galaxy S5 in all its glory is used instead. While we’re not sure what it is that the guy at Google updating the site was after, it is too good to be just a mistake. The Galaxy S5 is seen rocking stock Android plus its onscreen buttons something that we’re likely not to see in the real device and something that was not there on the Galaxy S4 GPe since Samsung has stuck by its physical home button and two capacitive buttons (tasks and back).

It is now a question of when rather than if we’ll indeed see the Galaxy S5 Google Play edition eventually show up. Like the skinned devices, GPe devices simply bring stock Android on desirable high end hardware and as such retain their premium pricing unlike the Nexus that enjoys lower pricing thanks to Google’s emphasis on making affordable but quality devices that showcase how Android should be on a device.