Amazon’s smartphone detailed in new leaked photos


Though it has leaked before, this is the first time that we get to see Amazon’s unnamed upcoming smartphone in flesh.

See below:

Amazon smartphone

There isn’t much known about its specs and any of the exclusive services that Amazon will bundle with the device save for its much-touted 3D display and “six cameras” that help create the 3D effect on the display. According to BGR who have been on a roll with exclusive leaks on this particular device, the phone is also expected to have exclusive access to Amazon’s Prime Data, a service that will likely see the company foot the data costs for certain apps and services that users will access on the device after entering into agreements with select carriers. That makes sense since it is inline with Amazon’s continued principal with its Kindle tablets of keeping content consumption ahead of everything else.

The question now is when will Amazon make this device official if at all it exists?


Source: BGR

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