Kaspersky Lab – Phishing hits e-stores hard


phishingSocial network users remain the major targets of phishing taking up 23.5% of all the recorded attacks. Financial brands remain the most used bait in these scams. Attackers combine the attacks with ingenuous social engineering campaigns giving them a remarkkable sense of authenticity. Researchers however warn against dropping your skepticism when hit by such an attack.

At 16.6% email and IM services come in second as phishing targets. Attackers also deploy websites which masquerade as legitimate search engine sites accounting for 14.4% of all phishing. The growth of online stores and increased consumer trust in these platforms presents great potential to phishing artists. This has contributed to the growth of scamming incidents in this area to 12.8%.

Currently 3 countries account for half the spam in the world: China 24.6%, US 17%, S. Korea 13.6% with the major targets being US 12%, UK 9.8% and Germany at 9.1%. More information can be found here

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