Application to Person Messaging Revenues Should Grow to $60bn by 2018


messageBy 2018, messages sent to and from applications will bring in revenues worth $60 billion. According to Juniper A2P (Application to Person) messages currently rake in $55 billion. SMS provides organization with a reliable tool to contact customers over a wider reach.This is true for organizations in the financial and ticketing services. Most Over-the-top messaging platforms are not inter-operable, leaving SMS as the ubiquitous messaging channel for all terminals.

P2P (Person to Person) SMS revenues are however in decline due to OTT messaging platforms which greatly reduce the cost of communication. Mobile Network Operators are expected to see traffic and revenue growth in A2P communications over the forecast period due to the security and reliability attributed to this channel. Juniper says that by 2018, 63 trillion messaging will have been exchanged over instant messaging, although this will only contribute a revenue of $3 billion.