Huawei’s Groufie versus Samsung’s Wefie, which one’s cooler?

huawei ascend p7 groufie

huawei ascend p7 groufieAt the launch of the Huawei Ascend P7 in Paris last week but one, Huawei made an interesting statement. The smartphone manufacturer, in the imaging presentation decided to rename the group selfie. And rightfully so.

The Huawei groufie, which is coined from the words group selfie is meant to utilise the quite powerful front camera on the Ascend P7. Huawei Ascend P7 came running 8MP front camera and a 13MP rear camera. Huawei added functionality meant specifically for the front camera in a bid to have the awesomest selfies. Some of the features added onto the front camera include:

  • Panorama feature that is the foundation of the groufies
  • Beauty feature which basically allows you to ‘shop yourself into a smooth face if you are a bit challenged in that department
  • Filters – basically you can see what the image will look like in the different presets as you take the photo
  • Audio Note – basically records the voice in the place ten seconds after you take the photo
  • Audio control – photos will be taken when the sound reaches preset decibels
  • Watermark – this setting allows you set a watermark with your text with an option of weather of location or several other fancy graphics. You can even move the watermark to anywhere within the image with a finger.

Beauty of all these is that you preview on the display what the outcome will be, complete with a small window at the top of the screen next to the front camera to make you look up to the camera instead of on the screen. The small window shows you what your eyes look like in the final image, we all know the selfie tends to lose the eyes when you just look at the screen.

The Huawei Ascend P7 Groufie allows you to take one image, then asks you to point left with the camera and then right to get three images that are then spun together in one. Now that, is the groufie. Works like a charm. One thing that has come out quite well.

Actually, Huawei has gone ahead and applied to register the “groufie’ trademark in China, France, Germany, Russia and US. Goes to show how big they want this to wefie

Now Samsung decided that the selfie camera be actually the smart camera range in the NX series which have flip displays that enable you see what you take when you do a selfie. And they also got a word for the group selfie. They call it wefie and have since started a campaign around the wefie for the Galaxy NX; the NX3000, NX300m and NX mini.

So in your opinion, which is cooler, Groufie or Wefie? Also, we can’t wait to see what Nokia and LG come up with as is almost always expected.