There’s a bicycle you can control with your smartphone: Samsung Smart Bike


Love riding bicycles? Cycling is your thing? There’s something new: a Smart Bike. Yes, today its all about “Smart” everything. We have smartphones, smartwatches, smart bulbs etc. Samsung has been working with Italian bicycle designer Giovanni Pelizzoli on a new bicycle that is relevant to today’s tech savvy crowd to be simply known as the Smart Bike.

Samsung Smart Bike

The Smart Bike lives up to its Smart moniker by allowing the rider to use his/her smartphone as a rear-view mirror as it will sync with a camera placed at the back of the bicycle using the bike’s built-in Wi-Fi or Bluetooth modules. You simply place the smartphone between the handlebars of the bike and you’re good to go, literally. The phone can also be used to create [virtual] bike lanes [using laser beams] depending on where you’re cruising or discover new lanes/paths since there’s built in GPS as well.



The bicycle is made of aluminium (of course it couldn’t be hyperglazed plastic 🙂 ) and has a motion rechargeable battery on board.

We are not sure when we’ll see this come to the market but it is in the making.

Source: Samsung Maestros


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