Samsung is pushing out update to seal Samsung Apps’ transformation to Galaxy Apps


Samsung Galaxy Apps

Before last month wrapped up,  we brought you news that Samsung would be renaming its app store from the simple Samsung Apps to the more recognizable Galaxy Apps. This is in a bid to identify the popular Galaxy brand of Android devices with the Android applications Samsung has partnered with various developers to host on its app store. Also because with Samsung’s dalliance with Tizen and the emmergence of the wearables device category, there is increasing need for differentiation and separation across the board. That has been happening over the last 24 hours and depending on where you are, you should have gotten the update by now.

A measly 18 mb, the update brings a few changes to the interface which only a few months ago received a serious overhaul on the eve of the Galaxy S5’s launch. Galaxy Apps now has a more cohesive design, is flatter and the stutter I’ve always had is no longer. Updating apps is also a breeze unlike before when the time it took to download an application and install from Samsung’s app store was a joke when compared to say the Google Play Store or even some other third party app stores.

If you haven’t gotten the update don’t worry, you simply need to start the application while on a strong connection and it will automatically detect that you are on a dated version and prompt you to update. You can still manually trigger the update through the Version info menu.


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