New Mediatek chip listing hints at more cheap Chromebooks coming soon


A quick look at the best selling computers on Amazon and other such like sites will reveal one thing: Chromebooks are selling very well. Pair that impression with the thought that a new Mediatek chip added to the Chrome OS base will result in the world getting a glimpse at a Mediatek chip powered Chromebook!

The mention of Mediatek already brings to mind low cost, budget/pocket-friendly devices powered by the Chinese company’s chips. The quad-core MT8127 clocked at 1.5 GHz is one such chip and its recent addition to the Chrome OS base means it is only a mattter of time before one of the many Google manufacturing partners announces a Chromebook powered by it. This means more disruption at the sub $200 price point and will surely make such machines a darling of the masses particularly students.

Samsung Chromebook


Via 925G