How to escape the NSA’s radar: forget computers, use typewriters


NSA spying

So you’re so pissed off by the National Security Agency (NSA)’s large scale surveillance program widely known as PRISM? What do you do besides the basics like going HAM on encryption of all internal communication systems and other sensitive channels? Go mechanical. At least that is the approach the Germans are considering after the security breach that extended to monitoring of communication even at the senior level, the Chancellor’s, by the American agency.

According to a parliamentary inquiry set up to assess the extent of the NSA’s illegal activities on the Germans, the use of non-electronic (mechanical) typewriters is now an option as one of the measures of restricting the NSA’s nose in their internal affairs. Well, they are infact even testing (piloting?) it.

Germany is not alone in this. Other countries that have been affected by the NSA’s espionage activities are also taking other actions too. Brazil is banking on secure email to keep the NSA’s talented pool of hackers from its sensitive communication.

Just curious, will Germany also go back to using mimeographs instead of the photocopier?


via Mashable