Brazil moves to check NSA’s spying with new secure email


Many have been speaking out against the US government’s intensive and well organized online spy program run by the NSA that looks into every private and public detail of communications online through a secretive program called PRISM in which top communication services companies agreed to share data of non-American users with the US government in order to enhance its grip on security matters in the wake of increased global terrorism. Brazil as a country has added its voice too. Not only that but it is also creating its own secure email system that cannot be spied on by the NSA.

The move is sanctioned by Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff who ordered the country’s Federal Data Processing Service/SERPRO to implement a government wide secure email system that is free of big brother’s big prying eyes. The moved is prompted by discovery that even the president’s official communications were being accessed by the NSA.

With big brother watching our every move, this should be the way to go for every other nation. Problem is, big brother is also not sleeping, he’ll work on getting around that.

In case you had no idea why you ought to be worried about the NSA and PRISM, here is a comical way of looking at it:



Source: AFP


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