Windows Phone Store now has 300,000 apps


windows phone apps

Microsoft just updated its numbers to reflect the latest in terms of the number of applications available to users from its Windows Phone Store. That number is 300,000. This reflects the slow but steady growth that Microsoft’s mobile platform has witnessed over the last two years quickly outgrowing the narrative that Windows Phone lacks apps. What with big name apps like Instagram becoming available last year.

However, the Windows Phone Store still lags behind leaders iOS and Android. According to AppBrain which keeps a keen eye on the number of Android apps available in the Google Play Store, the number currently stands at 1.3 million. Apple announced at WWDC two months ago that its iTunes store had hit the 1.2 million mark. That means Apple and Google’s mobile platforms have at least four times the number of applications available on Microsoft’s platform. Still, what really matters most is the quality of applications so if you can find all you want on Windows Phone then well and good, if whatever the Play Store offers is your favourite cuppa then whatever makes you sleep well at night…

via WPCentral

Illustration: Microsoft


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