Samsung to reportedly shift Tizen’s focus to just low end devices


Samsung Z Tizen

A new report off Tizen Experts citing several sources is suggesting that Samsung may be rethinking its Tizen smartphone strategy. But why? The company is believed to be considering shifting its Tizen smartphone focus from just about everything it makes to just budget smartphones.

This will make some sense as Samsung’s TouchWiz overlay is not the most friendly one when it comes to low end devices as it is heavy and leads to lots of lag on budget devices (the Safaricom Kenya exclusive Samsung Galaxy S3 Lite immediately comes to mind here). Tizen is credited for the long battery life on Samsung’s Gear watches and its lack of a VM like Android’s Dalvik (being phased out at the moment) makes it less of a power hog.

Samsung recently cancelled the release of its first ever smartphone running Tizen, the Samsung Z phone, in its debut market of Russia citing the platform’s immaturity i.e. lack of widespread developer (app) support when compared to existing platforms like Android and iOS.

Until we have an official word from the company this remains just that, an unconfirmed report.