IFA 2014 Recap: Ascend P7 with Sapphire display


P7 sapphire

Apple may have disappointed the legions of fans and analysts who had religiously predicted the arrival of an iPhone 6 with sapphire display but someone else didn’t. Though unexpected, Huawei also revelead a limited edition of its flagship Ascend P7 that will have a sapphire display! Other than the sapphire display, it will be pretty much the standard P7 as far as hardware and other technical specifications go. There’s a ceramic back to enhance the robustness of the device that the sapphire introduces but those are the only key differentiators. The device will go on sale in China at a yet to be announced price (it will be high never mind) and there’s no word out yet on whether it will hit the international market soon. Huawei is getting pretty good at this limited edition business. Remember that Arsenal edition P7?


Photo: Trusted Reviews