GITEX 2014: Prince Computers Launch Backpacks With LED Signs For Motorcyclists

Port motorcycle backpacks

Port motorcycle backpacks GITEX 2014 is on, and as always this is where you get to see all the new technologies that are launching in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa (EMEA). I happened to meet Prince Computers who are one of the exhibitors at the conference. Price Computers are wholesalers for computer accessories and they are exhibiting their products with the desire to close up on new retailers in the region. Their portfolio includes bags, gaming equipment, headphones among other accessories.

And this is where they showcase their new product developed by Port designs. Port Designs is a company headquartered in France and their products include bags and cases for computers, tablets and phones. Their partner in the Middle East region is Prince Computers. Prince computers demonstrated this new bag that is not yet in the market since as Akhtar Mulla, Sales Manager at Prince Computer says, the technology is yet to be patented and thus cannot be shown in public or demonstrated.

Long story short, they have these bags on display that are meant to evoke curiosity among retailers and consumers but cannot show the full demonstration of the technology running it. Akhtar says that the LED signs on the back of the backpack are meant to show signs that are visible to other drivers on the road of the intention of the motorcyclist. Connected to the sign is a bluetooth equipment that the rider then switches on the hand bar to reflect the direction intention on the bag. So if you’re turning left you switch to left and it shows on the back in a more visible LED sign than the usual indicators that are on the motor-cycle further down.

In Kenya we have a startup called Cladlight that already has a patent-pending technology to do the same work, show direction signs on a smart jacket. Initially Cladlight has demonstrated their work on motorcycle jackets worn by commercial PSV motorcycles. Cladlight are almost about to hit production and unlike Port Designs, has already demonstrated their technology to all and sundry, even to CNN who recently did an interview with them.

Our prediction is that wearable technology will become a huge industry as manufacturers do more and more personalization of the technology that runs it. Wearable jackets and backpacks for motor cycles do solve a need for riders who may not want to be bound by technology in their need to be safe on the roads.



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