Samsung Sends Invites For March 1st Event, Teases Curved Design

Galaxy S6 Invite MWC

Galaxy S6 Invite MWC Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected next month at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This is expected to be an event to define what Samsung goes with as flagship device of the year 2015. The company has began sending out invites with strong teasers on the design.

The curved design and a message “what’s next” coupled with the Galaxy Unpacked icon and a March 1st date for Barcelona tell of what the next flagship may end up looking like. There has been rumours that Samsung may end up releasing a curved version of the Galaxy S6, or if we are to go with the image teased in the invites then the Galaxy S6 could be the curved edge phone like the sibling Galaxy Note 4 Edge released late last year.

Either way this will be an interesting wait as we get to see what new things Samsung has in store to get back to the glory days of immense growth in the smartphone sector in the wake of serious competition from all angles. Whatever the case be sure we will cover the event and bring you the latest from Samsung when the event happens.



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