Adult content on Blogger is here to stay but we’ll regulate it – Google


blogger nudity

The above is a screen grab shared online by an affected party of an email that Google’s Blogger team was sending to users of the popular blogging platform informing them of a change in terms. That pornography and any forms of nudity that don’t match its set limits will no longer be publicly available as from March 23rd. Well, if this post on Google’s product forums is anything to go by, Google won’t be doing that.

Instead, the search giant will move to regulate all the explicit content shared on its blogging platform to make sure it is not commercial in nature. The change in heart from the extreme stand to the current moderate approach is said to have been prompted by user feedback since news that the company was banning all forms of nudity on Blogger broke.

Blogger, like other platforms such as Tumblr, plays host to quite a huge cache of adult content in the form of images though not the same level as the latter’s. Tumblr remains the king. There were reports that Yahoo’s first move after acquiring Tumblr back in 2013 would be to rid the platform of pornography but that is yet to happen and is unlikely to.

What do you think? Should adult content be scrapped altogether on Blogger or should it exist but be policed so as not to be accessed by the wrong audience?

Photo: Twitter