Nation, KTN And Citizen To Come Back On Air, Digital Platform Only

Digital Migration

Digital Migration Nation TV, Citizen TV, KTN and QTV will be back on air from Thursday at precisely 6.50 pm. This new bit looks like it comes from a directive by the president after the media houses owners went to state house to lobby for the president to request to get them back to the analogue platforms. The Aga Khan, Nation Media Group majority shareholder has been in the country to pursue that agenda.

Word has it that former president Moi was also there to lobby for KTN, and as expected the ownership of Royal Media would have pursued similar agenda. Well, looks like the three have not had their way afterall and there is no more going back to the analogue platform, at least for the already switched locations.

The three have been off-air for 3 weeks now. This is after a ruling by Supreme court instructed them to switch off their analogue signals themselves. Something they did not honour and Communications Authority went ahead to seek a court order to do it themselves. In rebellion, the three went ahead to switch off transmission on the digital platform, and instead aired a misleading message that CA had switched them off on all platforms. This was refuted by the Communications Authority.

We will update you should we learn more on this.