Apple Watch Launches In Three Models; Sport, Stainless Steel and Luxury

Gold Apple Watch

Apple WatchYesterday, Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook launched Apple Watch. The Apple Watch goes on sale in April with preorders beginning on April 10th, and watches start selling on April 24th. As with other smart watches, the Apple Watch works in tandem with the iPhone and allows the user to keep tabs and monitor activities. The watch is comes in two size variants 1.5 inches and 1.65 inches each with different color variations to choose from. Here are a few things you might want to know if you are considering the “iWatch”


There are three variants of the watch,  the Sport, the Apple Watch, and the Apple Watch Edition. Each has a different pricing point and different materials. The Sport is the cheapest selling for $349 for the 1.5 inches. The Apple Watch is mainly a stainless steel watch selling for between $500-1000. The Apple Watch edition sells for $10,000!

Gold Apple Watch

Battery Life

Its rechargeable with an alleged 18 hour battery life. This is bound to be an issue of contention as other products such as the Pebble and the android smart watches last longer.

Health, Fitness & a Load of Apps

In line with its rivals who also have smart watches, the Apple watch focused on fitness and health through  an advanced medical research tool seeking to advance research in the medical field.  The tool called ResearchKit, can access data measured by third-party apps about its users’ weight, blood pressure, and glucose levels.Apple released the Watchkit tools in November allowing third party developers to create apps. Users of the AppleWatch will use Uber, use Passbook to check in for flights, use to open garage doors among other fancy titbits.


When Steve Jobs launched the Apple iPhone in 2007, the world did not think they needed another smartphone. They had Blackberry. When the Apple iPad came, the world did not think they needed it, they had laptops and Amazon Kindle. These devices however went on to conquer the market and ultimately become the standard. Apple Watch? The world does not think it needs one. They have the Pebble, Galaxy fit and the like but in April 2016, 14 Million of them will have sold.