Connected Kenya Website Hacked Ahead of Summit

Hacked By Pagolmoon

Hacked By Pagolmoon Just days before the start of the connected East Africa Summit, Bagladeshi hackers today compromised the organization’s website.  Delegates were expected to use the website for bookings and other relevant information. On trying to access the website, one is welcomed with music and a message that the website is compromised. There is no mention of the motive behind the hack other than a mention that the site needs updates, of course as a CMS.

This is of course a huge statement that the website run by the ICT ministry in Kenya can be found pants down. The site looks like it’s already being recovered and by the time of going to press they had already deleted the script injected and the index file on the site was blank. We do hope they recover from that and be prepared in the future, especially considering that they are the guys at the front of ICT and by extension ICT security in Kenya.


  1. Really? How vulnerable are our government websites? Anyway I am not surprised because the same thing happened to the electrol website in Nigeria amidst elections…call this the digitalisation problems of Africa

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