Huawei Trolls Samsung Ahead Of Ascend P8 Launch In London

Huawei troll Samsung

Huawei troll Samsung It’s that season again when flagships get released. Some catch attention of many effortlessly while others don’t. Some vendors also decide it’s time to unleash their creative to get others to look bad, and at the same time get people talking about theirs. And expecting. Last year saw quite enough of these. Looks like it’s time for a fresh dose of them as we see with Huawei.

Huawei on Tuesday tweeted these two images that can be seen to be pointed to Samsung for the Galaxy S6 which was released earlier in the year at Mobile World Congress. I’m sure you can make out the words ‘Sam’ and “song” separately in the two. The Chinese company has a caption “Maturity is worth the wait. Next is coming 4.15.2015” basically saying that Samsung’s Galaxy S6 is not mature.

Huawei highlights two elements of the phone, the bulge on the camera and the fingerprint magnet that is the back glass of the phone. The visuals claim that you can get injury from the bulge, while I really have no idea what the finger-print magnet has to do with band aid on the face of “Song”. This is Huawei telling us that their phone coming on 15th April in London will have neither a bulging camera or fingerprint magnet.

Well, we will have to wait and see what they have on offer. Also whether Samsung will consider this an assault enough to respond. What do you think about this poke?