Twitter Introduces Promoted Tweets To Profiles Of Users


twitterTwitter is planning to introduce adverts into the profiles of the users. Twitter is bringing promoted tweets to people’s profile meaning when you visit the page of another user, you may find a targeted Twitter ad waiting for you. The ads are separated from other tweets by a small bumper that creates a break in the stream, and a label that reads “Suggested by Twitter”.

The move is meant to bring ads to users with and without twitter accounts. People who visit Twitter or see tweets online but don’t actually have an account to see what is said by influential people will now see the ads. Twitter has recently entered a partnership with Google that brings tweets to Google search results and this would increase Twitter ability to make money from ads.

So far the plan targets accounts not verified due to legal issues such as royalties and fees to holders of verified pages. Twitter plans to however partner with holders of verified accounts. For now the ads are live on Twitter’s Web and mobile versions. Twitter also plans to let one dictate what kind of ads they want shown on their profile.  For the longest time, Twitter has been trying to scale up its ability to make money from adverts. This move may be a step in the right direction but may face backlash from users.

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