BBM Beats Whatsapp, Instagram and Snapchat in User Loyalty

BBM popular than Whatsapp

BBM popular than WhatsappBlackberry Messenger BBM has more user retention than other mobile apps according to data published by mobile analytics firm Quettra.  The findings were based on an analysis conducted on 22 messaging apps that incuded  WhatsApp, Snapchat, and WeChat. In a period of 30 days, BBM held upto 93% of its users. The messaging app also experienced higher user loyalty for 60 days with 89% and 82% for 90 days. The only app that defeated BBM was Facebook Messenger.

The loyalty of BBM has seen the app’s downloads hit 100 million on Android devices in the last 18 months of availability on Google Play stores. The average rating secured by the BBM app is 4.3 on a scale of 5, with 2.8 million users rating it 5 stars out of 4.4 million total user reviews.  Blackberry has also introduced BBM shop,  where one can buy and share stickers  with other BBM users.  In the one year the service has been available, users sent over 1.87 billion stickers with only 250 items available for sale. Other than Android, BBM is also available on devices running on iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

During the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Blackberry announced the launch of the BBM Meetings that included a Microsoft Outlook Plug-in for Windows PC. This feature enables BBM Meetings’ users to directly schedule and start a BBM Meetings session from their Windows desktop.

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