Global Hackathon Seoul’s Search For Africa’s Top Developers Begins

Global Hackathon Seoul

Global Hackathon SeoulThe City of Seoul in South Korea is set to host its first Global Hackathon Seoul which will take place between July 29th to August 1st 2015.  To that effect, Global Hackathon Seoul has launched its global application in search of talented developers by working with organizers from across the globe. International travel costs will be covered by GHS for all accepted applicants.

GHS seeks to create a global gathering place for ambitious software developers to discuss creative new ideas, create unique innovations, and drive social and technological change. African ambassador for GHS, Opata Chibueze, attended the Hack for Big Choices hackathon in Africa and  encouraged developers to signup for the Seoul event. “Hackathons allow us to network, brainstorm, and develop solutions to problems rapidly while building our presentation, prototyping, and communication skills. If you learn by doing, there’s surely no better place to be in than a hackathon”, he addded.

Chibueze is available to meet and interact with tech communities in Africa in order to help reach potential attendees to provide more information about the event as well as guide through the application process and may be reached via [email protected]. A developer can also reach the organizers directly via [email protected] . Detailed information is also available through the website via