Evernote Has A New Budget Subscription Option



How do you usually take down notes? Using good old Notepad on your Windows machine? Getting an actual pen and writing down notes on an actual notebook? Evernote has been around for a while and its popularity as a note-taking application is what makes it one of those must have apps. Well some of us love Google’s Keep and its bare-bones approach to things. Microsoft’s OneNote is also a worthy alternative. Why? Because the cost of Evernote Premium is prohibitively high. That changes today.

Evernote has introduced a mid-tier subscription option that will be attractive to those of us who’ve been put off by Evernote’s pricing model, Evernote Plus.

Yes, for some people $50 per year for just having my notes neatly and safely kept and accessible on every devices they own is costly considering that there are cheaper alternatives. Yes Evernote has lots of value add-ons more so for the corporate user like Salesforce integration, converting notes to presentations, business card scanning and more but still… With the new Evernote Plus subscription, users get the ability to access their notes offline on both desktop and mobile, save up to 1 GB worth of notes per month and convert up to 200 emails into notes. Two-step authentication using Google Authenticator and SMS as well as the ability to add passcodes to the app on mobile are the other perks users will get. It will cost $2.99 per month and $24.99 annually.

Evernote’s other plans are Basic, Business and Premium. For $49.99 per year or $5.99 monthly, Premium subscribers get the full Evernote with all features accessible. Basic is the entry-level subscription and while it is free, it is as the name suggests, very basic and only useful to the casual note-taker. Evernote Business is the pricier subscription at $10 per user in an organization per month.