Uber Offices Raided By Authorities In China


Uber Kenya Chinese police officers stormed into Uber’s offices in Guangzhou as the company stands accused of operating illegally in the city. During the raid, several phones belong to the staff at the company offices and other unlisted equipment were confiscated by the police according to reports filed by the local paper Guangzhou Daily‘s sister news site, Dayoo.

Uber has been operating in China since 2013 and it is likely this particular incident only has to do with the city of Guangzhou and Uber’s licensing terms there and does not in any way translate to Uber having issues with the authorities all across China. Uber offers UberBlack, UberX and UberXL services in Guangzhou.

Uber has been dogged by controversies and legal suits in various countries that it has launched operations in including Europe and other Asian countries. The controversies involve its mode of operation vis-a-vis local laws regulating the transport industry, the conduct of its partnering drivers as well as its nature since it is essentially a software company disrupting the transport industry as we know it.

Source: Dayoo