The Old Snake Game On Your Nokia Phone Is Coming Back In A Different Way


DSCF1491 Remember the super addictive snake on your old Nokia mobile? One of the faces behind it and the actual creator of the game, Taneli Armanto, is keen on bringing it back to an app store near you so that you don’t need to find a 3310 to relive your nostalgia. Or seek the comfort of the many other snake-like games that have since popped up to serve our insatiable appetite for the game.

Partnering with Rumilus Design Studios, Mr Armanto plans to release the game on May 14th. It won’t be the classic snake game on Nokia mobile phones before the age of Angry Birds, Flappy Bird and all the new generation games that have become the trend but it will be tuned to look modern. It will have ten different levels each with its own unique design and theme music as well as power ups and an option to rewind the snake once you crash. So that you can know how well or worse off you’re fairing, there will be high score leaderboards. Oh, and in-app purchases as well in case you need to buy upgrades.

snake rewind

Snake Rewind will be available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Source: Guardian


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