Samsung Galaxy Note II to get Android Lollipop in select regions

Galaxy Note III

getting kitkat - galaxy s iii and galaxy note ii

We told you sometime back that the Galaxy Note II would be making the jump to Android 5 Lollipop. Then we told you, “not so fast”. Then we changed the tune to “never”. Now we’re going to raise your hopes a little bit to “probably.” The change of heart is informed by new information thanks to where all the previous heartbreaks and pumping of hopes has happened before, Twitter. According to Samsung Denmark, the Galaxy Note II is still on course to get the Lollipop update even though it couldn’t tell us when thanks to the many bugs that plagued Android 5.0.

While Samsung Gulf already made it clear that Galaxy Note II users in the Gulf region won’t be getting any Lollipop, it is wrong to make a blanket assumption that it will be the same story all around the world. As far as Samsung is concerned, the device will be getting the update in Denmark. That means customers of Samsung Poland will be getting the update as well since that arm of Samsung had already confirmed the availability of the update.

There is no ETA for Lollipop’s appearance so watching and waiting is the best thing users of the said device can do. Good news is that all unlocked international Note II models i.e. GT-N7100 and GT-N7105 (LTE) will be getting the update. In fact in the case of Denmark, the Note II may as well get the update way before the Note 3 which already has the update in other regions.