Domino’s to Let Customers Order Pizza via an Emoji on Twitter


Pizza It’s hard being a consumer-facing business in this day and age of social media. Companies are changing the way they operate in order to accommodate a new generation of younger customers. This includes going where the customers are: on their smartphones. Uber has done it with ride-sharing and many others are doing it as well. Domino’s Pizza in the United States is doing so as well using something that’s a phenomenon with social media users: emoji characters.

Customers of Domino’s will need to link their Domino’s Pizza profile with their Twitter account and next time they are at home or work and need to order, just tweet @dominos a pizza emoji. That’s it. Then wait for a knock on their doors confirming delivery.

Domino’s “tweet-to-order” service will launch on May 20th and the restaurant chain attributes taking such a move to the fact that over half of the orders it processes are placed online. Domino’s is said to have over 250 employees in its technology department and is promising that Twitter won’t be the first and last social platform they are expanding into. They are also considering other avenues where its clientele spends time online like Facebook and Instagram.

Twitter has been testing an embedded “buy” button on select tweets with various partners for a while now and Domino’s tweet-a-pizza approach will certainly lead to more innovative approaches to using Twitter as a sales channel by its competitors in the service industry and more.


Photo: Flickr (CC)

Source: USA Today