Samsung Galaxy S6 hits 10 million mark in global shipments


Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung’s 2015 flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S6, went on sale in various markets around the world on April 10th. In Kenya it was officially available in stores on the 17th of April. It is a month now since the device became available in most places so how is it fairing? Last we heard Samsung was said to have had at least 20 million units of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge pre-ordered. According to Yonhap, a Korean publication, now that number stands at 10 million.

We are not really surprised and do expect the company to come out with confirmed official figures anytime now. The Galaxy S6 is just following in the footsteps of the not-so-successful (by predecessor standards) Galaxy S5, the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S III before it which had shipped 11 million units in just 30 days, 10 million in under a month and 10 million in under 3 months respectively.

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