20 Million Pre-orders Reportedly Made For Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge



The last time there was a lot of widespread excitement at the release of a Samsung Galaxy S device was back in 2012 when the Galaxy S III was the “next big thing”. Thanks to Samsung listening to the criticism it faced last year when it launched the Galaxy S5 and addressing many of the design shortcomings of the Galaxy S lineup, it looks like those days are back if reports by Korean media are anything to go by. The Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge are reported to have already scored 20 million pre-orders.

The Galaxy S6 is said to account for the bulk of those pre-orders with 15 million units to the S6 Edge’s 5 million. The Galaxy S6 is the main device of the two and seeing as it is that the S6 Edge will be more costly, it makes sense that carriers are anticipating to move more Galaxy S6 units than S6 Edge when the two devices go on sale in various markets a month from now (April 10th).

As already mentioned, these are not direct customer pre-orders but rather the carriers who will be hoping that customers will fully embrace Samsung’s new flagship devices hence leaving them with no uncleared inventory. Samsung sells its devices through carriers, other retailers and its brand stores. The Galaxy S lineup has in the recent past (see Galaxy S4 and S5 numbers) averaged shipments of at least 10 million devices in its first month of going on sale and the Galaxy S6 is expected to even do better.


Source: Sammobile


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