Samsung Galaxy S5 Reportedly Ships 10 Million Units In 25 Days

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5Any business is expected to hit it’s previous limits and pass them in the next product cycle. That has been the case for Samsung ever since the Galaxy S. The Note range also goes over and beyond previous product cycles. Samsung shipped 10 million Galaxy S4 devices in a month last year according to Hankyung (Korean). This year, it’s reported that they hit ten million in 25 days. Some 5 days less.

Considering that there are some players who’s entire shipments rarely touch seven figures, this is a fete for the device maker who has been on the lead ever since they overtook Apple in smartphones shipments. Recently they have been facing some harsh criticism over the choice of material and HTC, Apple and Nokia on the receiving end of accolades over the same.

Samsung has stuck to it’s guns and innovated around plastic and removable back unlike the others who are doing most of the opposite for their flagships. Samsung started selling the Galaxy S5 on 11th April in 125 countries concurrently  and other market players like HTC are yet to give hints on the performance of their devices. Nokia with their Lumia 930 are yet to hit the market while LG is yet to announce the 2014 flagship, the widely rumoured and exposed LG G3.