Solitaire Turns 25! Celebrates Birthday With Global Tournament


solitaire Nostlagia.  Solitaire evokes sharp emotions for all those who grew up playing the game. Microsoft is planning on bringing back the game as an built-in windows 10 game along with others such as Candy Crush saga. The game just turned 25 and Microsoft is celebrating it with two tournaments. The first is an internal competition at Microsoft to find the best player inside the company. Microsoft employees can actually play with co-workers in a competition from their desktop.

The tournament which begins on June 5th will then pit the company’s strongest players against the game’s biggest fans from allover the world. Players will have a choice of competing in five different game modes that include Freecell, Spider, Classic as well as two new game modes, TriPeaks and Pyramid accompanied by fresh daily challenges. You can actually download the Solitaire collection for windows 8 and practice in readiness for the challenge. Microsoft is working at reducing your productivity  by bringing on Solitaire, Minesweeper and Candycrush saga pre-installed on windows 10 as the games are well known time wasters.

With Windows 10, Microsoft is changing its approach to Windows treating it as a service as the company totally embraces its new “cloud-first” approach. Windows 10, currently in its preview phase through the Windows Insider program, will be available later in the year as a free upgrade (to Home, Pro and Mobile only) to all existing Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users who have valid licenses for the first year of its availability.