Microsoft Has 1 Million People Registered On Windows Insider Program To Beta Test Windows 10

Windows 10 Preview

Windows 10 PreviewMicrosoft released Windows 10 preview on the 30th of September to the world and let actual users from all over the world test the new version of Windows on preview. This was meant to have users interact with the new version of Windows, and primarily give feedback on how useful it is.

According to Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President, Operating Systems Group at Microsoft, there has been 1 million registrations to the Windows Insider Program which was one of the ways for users to have access to the Windows 10 download. The other way was via the downloads section of MSDN for Biz Spark registered developers.

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Joe reckons that they are getting quite loads of feedback on this program with upto 200,000 strings of user-initiated feedback on the insider program and adds that he is happy that when users report bugs, others are using the “me too” button which is meant to indicate that several users feel a similar way.

Joe also mentions that out of the total installations, 64% are in actual PCs while the rest are Virtual Machines. This gives him and team the confidence that the feedback is actually based on “medium-term” use and not a few minutes of use.

Another interesting piece of stat is that 68% of the preview users are launching more than 7 apps a day, with 25% of users launching 36 apps a day and 5% of them launching 68 apps a day.