An Uber Kenya User Encountered Rogue Driver, What’s Your Experience?


Uber - Photo Credit - HuffPo

Uber started operating in Nairobi, Kenya back in January offering its UberX service. Since then it has grown its fleet of cabs and it is one of the most convenient and cheap ways to get around the city. It comes in handy when you’re from an event, your usual Friday rendezvous or in most of my cases from watching a flick like Avengers: Age of Ultron at Imax late at night. However, it was not so rosy for one Ciru Wainaina and her cousin. She took to Twitter to narrate her experience at the hands of an Uber Kenya driver last night.

While Uber moved quickly to refund Ciru’s money, the entire incident raises questions that have been asked time and again in other markets where Uber is operating about the safety of cab users.

So far, as an Uber user, all I’ve had is a very awesome experience. Courteous drivers, excellent service and very minimal delays most of which have nothing to do with the drivers but the nature of our city’s roads. Elsewhere, like in India for instance, there have been nasty incidences like rape involving Uber drivers. While that is yet to happen in Nairobi and with Uber almost clocking half a year since it started operations here, we ask, what has your Uber experience been like?