Analogue Pope? Pontiff Doesn’t Watch TV or Surf The Internet

analogue Pope

analogue Pope The Pope has not watched TV for the last 25 years saying its ‘not for me’. The Pope has also not used the internet despite being among the most followed leaders on Twitter. The pope’s Twitter account (Pope Francis @Pontifex) has over 20 million followers spread out on his nine different language accounts. The pope claims on the night of 15th July 1990, he made a promise to the Virgin Mary he wouldn’t flick the screen again meaning he has missed out on major cultural phenomenons that have rocked the TV and internet.

The Pope is a well known football fan but that has done little to influence his thoughts with regards to TV and the internet. The Pope keeps up with news on his favorite team, San Lorenzo de Almagro of Argentina through a Swiss guard who tells him the results as well as the standings of the team on the league table. The pope has previously quoted geo-political matters in his speech including asking Catholic faithfuls to pray for Burundi. Most of this information he gets through a 10 minute scan of Italy’s La Repubblica newspaper each day.

This means the Pope has not had the chance of owning a g-mail account, watching the Sopranos or even have an idea what is a Blackberry Track Pad. The pope probably watched The Simpsons when they first aired in 1989 and watched the highly rated Good Fellas film. We can thus sufficiently conclude the pontiff is analogue.

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