Galaxy S6, iPhone 6 Available Free From Safaricom Via Bonga Points [Limited Period]

iPhone 6

Samsung Galaxy S6Safaricom has unveiled a new 6 day campaign targeted at consumers who will purchase specific devices either online or at its shops. Through the campaign, Safaricom customers will be able to purchase devices on part payment or with Bonga points, fully i.e. no topping up with cash just Bonga points alone as payment. The offer is available on high end, mid-range and low end phones.

Among the devices up for grabs include the iPhone 6  16GB for 254,000 Bonga points which will come with 1.5 GB internet bundles for 3 months. One can also decide to pick the Samsung Galaxy S6 for 217,000 Bonga points and a 4GB internet bundle. Customers may also take up the offer for the Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo or the Nokia Lumia 635 for 55,000 and 53,000 Bonga points respectively.  Customers can also redeem the Safaricom Neon Tablet for  4,999/- + 5000 Bonga Points as well as the Tecno S9 for 7,999/- + 9000 Bonga Points.

The offer is meant to clear the backlog of Bonga points. Bonga points are based on a  reward scheme that accumulates points based on a customer’s airtime usage, with each Sh10 airtime loaded earning subscribers one point. In September last year, Safaricom  rolled out a program to allow customers redeem items of choice as opposed to specific offers. Uncashed Bonga Points eat into the telco’s revenue given that accounting guidelines require the firm to only recognise the loyalty points as sales once customers redeem the credits. Based on accounting guidelines, uncashed Bonga Points affect the revenue of the Telecommunications company as they are recognized as sales once the client redeems them.