Microsoft Officially Announces Windows 10 Launch Date

Windows 10
Windows 10 will be available on July 29th
Windows 10
Windows 10 will be available on July 29th

Microsoft today put the many rumors regarding the public launch date of Windows 10 to rest. Windows Operating System Group chief, Terry Myerson announced today that Redmond’s next generation operating system platform will be available globally on July 29th, 2015.

As stated previously, Windows 10 will be available as a free upgrade for all users with genuine licenses of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 for a full year from launch date. NOTE: Users who are still on Windows 8 will need to upgrade (for free) to Windows 8.1 first. To ensure a smooth upgrading process, Microsoft created the  website How to Upgrade to Windows 10. and laid out the upgrade steps as follows:

  1. Microsoft would like users to reserve their copy of Windows 10 via the “Get Windows 10 App”. Once reserved, Windows 10 will automatically download to the users device when available. Users will also be able to cancel their reservation at any time.
  2. Once reserved, a user will be notified when the upgrade is available as well as set a convenient install time.

Get Windows 10 App

Get Windows 10 is an app that’s designed to make the upgrade process easy. It checks to make sure your device is compatible, and it reserves your free upgrade; it also has information to help you learn about the features in Windows 10. For devices running Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 Update with Windows Update enabled, the app shows up automatically as a Windows icon in your system tray at the bottom right-hand side of your screen.

More details on the Windows 10 update process can be found on Microsoft’s Windows 10 FAQ & Tips website.

Windows 10 Feature Highlights

Microsoft has not yet released an official update fee for users who are on older versions of Windows.

Source: Microsoft News Center


    • The current build of the technical preview, Build10130, is actually usable as a daily driver. Over the next 60 days MSFT will focus on polishing the experience as well resolving any existing bugs. You should be aware that unlike previous versions of Windows, Windows 10 will be in a constant state of updates.

        • Well, you can reserve the update. The ‘actual’ upgrade will be done on July 29th. Until then, you can wait. It will download on it’s own, so if you use bundles for internet, know you’re in trouble (like me). X-D

          • That’s another reason to update. Win8, and Win10 know if you are on a metered account ‘via Storage Sense’. Thus if you are using “bundles” the download will NOT happen, unless you force it to.

          • I hope Windows 10 will fix some issues regarding metered WiFi networks in Win 8.1, because after metering my home WiFi connection, it keeps on dropping connection even if I’m sitting right in front of the router. It never happened in Win 7 or on other laptops. 🙂

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