Blackberry To Roll-Out Blackberry 10.3.2 OS Update In Coming Weeks


Blackberry Z 30Blackberry released Blackberry 10.3 OS last year accompanied by two flagship devices the Blackberrry Passport and the Blackberry Classic. The Build for the older devices which included the Blackberry Z10, Q10, Z3 and Z3O was released this year bringing much needed enhancements and a revamp of the user interface.  The guys in Waterloo have now announced an update called the Blackberry OS 10.3.2 which is set to introduce new features as well as introduce new enhancements to new features.

The features are set to start rolling out in a few weeks time and Blackberry says they are meant to make the devices more secure, more private as well as make users more productive. Unless you are a developer, he is what you need to know.

Blackberry Blend: With the Blackberry 10.3 OS, Blackberry introduced the Blackberry Blend tool that works on Android and iOS that allows  the user to stay in touch with all their communication including text, BBM, calendar and contacts.  The new update brings a new UI based on customer feedback and allows for faster navigation and interaction with messages as well as faster and easier delivery of content.

Blackberry Protect: The new update is set to bring enhancements to Blackberry’s anti-theft feature which will allow one to disable a lost or stolen BlackBerry 10 device meaning muggers cannot reactivate or wipe off your Blackberry device rendering it unusable. In addition,  the owner of the stolen device will be able to send a message to the screen of the missing phone asking the user to return the stolen phone. if the device is at a close proximity, the device can create a noise and location traced.

Camera: The enhancements to the camera features are set to make taking pictures as easy as point-and-shoot with improved low light performance in auto-mode. The enhancements are also set to improve face-detection as well as reduce blur for shots taken in motion.

Blackberry Calendar: the new enhancement to the calendar feature will offer the user a bird’s eye view of the entire month schedule showing shrinking and growing date numbers depending on how busy one’s schedule is on a given day. Currently, the Blackberry Calendar has the meeting mode that automatically sets the device for quiet during meetings. With the 10.3.2, the feature is enhanced allowing one to determine which events on calendar are controlled by meeting mode.

Bonus: Last year Blackberry, announced a partnership with Amazon that allows Blackberry users to download and install Android apps from the Amazon Appstore. The new update improves this experience. Also improved include the Blackberry Hub feature, multimedia and battery boosting technology. This update will also feature updated icons, improved action bar allowing for easy access to commonly accessed functions as well as an enhnacment to Blackberry Assistant, which is Blackberry’s version of Siri/Cortana.

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