You Will Now Be Able To Send Your Location On Messenger Separately


Messenger location sharingFacebook will start rolling out a way of  sending a map on Messenger of your location as a separate message. With this update, you’ll have control over how and when you’ll share your location. This means that you are able to pick out a location on the map as you please, not necessarily being limited to sharing the actual location you are at. Previously if you needed to share a specific location you’d need to go to maps and share into Messenger, this new updates brings things into the app.

How will you be able to send it? Well, in your conversation, tap the  button if you have an Android device or tap the  button if you have an iOS device. Subsequently, tap Location and you will see a blue circle at your current location then hit send. If you wanted to share a location other than where you are, you can pin the location

Facebook is quick to communicate that Messenger will not get any location information when users have not enabled location services in the app and also that the app will not collect location information in the background. They add that the app collects location data only when you tap to share the location, no new app permissions too.

As much as Facebook announced that the feature should be rolling out immediately, we are yet to catch an alert for the update and will update when we do. Facebook’s Messenger is among the top ten free apps on Android, but is still lagging behind WhatsApp Messenger which tops the list. Messenger is at position 4 showing that it has some tricks of the trade it needs to learn from WhatsApp. Facebook owns both so it’s all good, but Zuckerberg doesn’t rest trying to get more and more ways to get users logged in for longer. This means more bucks for the Menlo Park headquartered company.