New Patent Filing by Samsung Hints at Auto-Ejectable S Pen


S Pen 1 The most outstanding feature of the Galaxy Note line of phablets from Samsung is the stylus aka the S Pen. It is what mostly contributes to the device’s reputation as a handy note-taking device hence the name. While the S Pen has barely evolved since the first generation Galaxy Note was launched over four years ago, it has been iterated severally to improve both aesthetics and functionality. Is there room to improve the S Pen? Definitely.

A new patent filing which was recently published by the United States Patent & Trademark Office hints at what may be the most interesting update to the S Pen as we know it if at all Samsung is interested in going ahead with the idea and implementing it in the upcoming Galaxy Note 5. There’s an interesting outlook at a new working mechanism for ejecting the S Pen automatically that is highly detailed by Patently Mobile so if you’re interested in the intricate stuff you can hit the source link below but the low down is this: as per the patent, Samsung is envisioning a future where S Pen users don’t have to fiddle with the stylus every time they need to use it. It will do that itself by the use of magnets in the S Pen itself and inside the device!

S Pen auto-eject

Activation of the auto-eject feature of the S Pen may be prompted by a certain action by a user like say a command word (voice prompt) or action on software like say manipulating a screenshot (Screen Write feature on current Galaxy Note devices).

We are curious to know how Samsung plans to handle the opposite of ejection. Currently, Galaxy Note devices will notify users if they start walking away with their device without the S Pen properly re-inserted in its slot. Wouldn’t it be nice if the S-Pen could just find its way back to the device? Yeah, I know what you’re thinking but let me remind you that we are in an age where software can anticipate correctly our next move and cars are already driving themselves. No, I have not been playing too many video games.