These are the top 25 YouTube channels in Kenya

youtube kenya

When people think of watching videos online, they tend to login to gravitate towards one site: YouTube. YouTube is Google’s video sharing website and is currently the number one video sharing website. According to statistics, it has over 1 billion monthly users and around 6 billion hours of video are watched monthly on the site. These are staggering numbers which show how massive the audience audience is. No wonder Facebook can’t watch on the sidelines while YouTube gets all the glory as online content gets more attractive by the day.

According to Alexa, YouTube is the  fourth most visited site in Kenya, after Google, Facebook and Yahoo. Due to this fact, Kenyan YouTube users have subscribed to local channels and these are the most subscribed channels in Kenya. The number of views and subscribers noted were current at the time of writing.

25: Repent and prepare the way

At no. 25 we have the Repent and prepare the way channel, which is run by Prophet Owuor’s church (Repentance and Holiness church). It has 10,214 subscribers and has garnered 4,789,419 total views from 883 videos.

24. dswtkenya

This is the official YouTube channel of David Sheldrick, Wildlife Trust, the NGO that is dedicated to the preservation and protection of endangered species like elephants and the rhinos. They have 10, 519 subscribers and have garnered a total of 6,880,190 views from 198 videos.

23. Willy Paul

Willy Paul is a popular gospel artiste in Kenya and this has been shown by his YouTube subscriber numbers: 11,068 subscribers so far and his videos have been viewed 3,288,109 times.

22. The Real House Helps of Kawangware

This is the official channel of a TV show that is aired on KTN every Wednesday that follows the lives of 4 househelps who live in Kawangware. The channel has 11,855 subscribers currently and their 174 videos have garnered a total of 4,471,882 views.

21. Al-Badar Channel

This is a channel that uploads videos which feature teachings from Islam. It has 11,993 subscribers and the 1,748 videos have been viewed 8,482,142 times combined.

20. Ogopa Deejays

If you remember back in the day, this was one of the top music labels in the country. They are credited with creating the Kapuka style of music, which was popular in the early 2000s. Their channel has 12,294 subscribers currently and  the 132 videos have been viewed 6,268,264 times.

19. Caroline Mutoko

As you know, Caroline Mutoko is one of the most popular radio presenters in the country, with affiliations to the FM station Kiss 100. She has the youngest YouTube account in this list (joined on October 29th 2014) and within that relatively short time, she has been able to garner 14,037 subscribers. Her 87 videos in the channel have been viewed 873,122 times.

18.Citizen TV Kenya (formerly Citizen TV Shows)

This is one of the channels of Citizen Tv which seems to focus on the shows they air on the TV station. The last time a video was uploaded was 3 months ago and it looks like it was abandoned. The channel has 16,787 subscribers and its 529 videos have been viewed 1,531,024 times

17. Capital FM Kenya

This is the official YouTube channel of Capital FM, an FM radio station that plays several genres of urban music. Their YouTube channel has 18,948 subscribers and their 4,337 videos have been viewed a total of 8,488,738 times.

16. Elanimuziki

Elani is a Kenyan band composed of Wambui Ngugi, Maureen Kunga and Bryan Chweya who have caused a stir in the Kenyan music scene. This has been shown positively by their YouTube subscriber numbers, which currently stands at 19,064 and although they have only uploaded 31 videos, they have been viewed 3,070,591 times!

15. Kulahappy 

Kulahappy is a comedy based channel that has 19,582 subscribers and their videos have garnered over 4,718,386 views. Currently, you can’t watch any videos on their channel.

14. HapaKule News

This is the official channel of the TV show of the same name that airs on Thursday on KTN. The channel has managed to garner 20,078 subscribers. They upload every Friday and currently have 560 videos which have been viewed 4,595,131 times.

13. Fillaah Ibnu Falaah

This is the other YouTube channel that is Islam based. It has 21,090 subscribers and the 1,703 videos uploaded have been viewed 14,550,672 times.

12. Duchess Gabrielle

The owner of this channel with 21,133 subscribers is Gabrielle Mwangi, who is focused on sharing tips about maintaining natural hair and the concoctions she uses. So far, her 131 videos have raked in a total of 1,902,432 views.

11. Ghafla Kenya

Ghafla Kenya has emerged as one of the leading websites that post entertainment focused news in the country. This has made them have a YouTube subscription base of 21,559 where their 1,893 videos have garnered 9,455,297 views.

10. HD Mwas

No 10. on this list is HD Mwas,  a channel that is dedicated to uploading the latest reggae and dancehall video releases. The channel has 24,908 subscribers and the 1,533 videos that have been uploaded have been viewed 22,727,313 times.

9. Sauti Sol

This is a famous afro pop band band group in the Kenyan music scene and recently were nominated by BET in the “Best International Act” 2015 BET Awards. They have a sizable fan base locally, regionally and internationally and this has translated to their YouTube channel amassing 36,579 subscribers currently. They only have 34 videos, but collectively have amassed 8,085,589 views.

8. Jim Nduruchi

You may not have heard about him, but he is the Executive Director at Rise Up, an NGO that is dedicated to bring lasting change to communities in rural Kenya. He is also affiliated with the kill the jigger campaign. The videos that are uploaded on the channel highlight people with jigger infestations and various other testimonies. The channel has 36,873 subscribers and the 859 videos that have been uploaded have been viewed 37,450,892 times.

7. The XYZ Show

This is a political satire TV show  shows that employs the use of puppets. It was created by the famous cartoonist Gado after being inspired by a French TV show called Les Guignols del’info, a satirical latex puppet show. It is a popular show and has 38,174 subscribers on its YouTube channel. The 165 videos uploaded on the channel have been watched 4,385,533 times

6.Churchill Show

This is the official channel of the popular comedy show which partly is the stage name of its pioneer, Daniel Ndambuki. They upload various episodes on the channe.It is aired on NTV Kenya and due to its popularity, it has 66,733 subscribers. The 316 videos uploaded have been viewed a total of 7,617,074 times

5. Bellesa Africa

This is the second channel in this list that is in the beauty segment. Kangai Mwiti, the owner of the channel, uploads makeup tutorials and has a blog related to the YouTube channel. She has 77,127 subscribers, highest in this list for an individual person. Her 111 videos have amassed 4,228,322 views.

4. K24TV

No. 4 in this list is K24, a local TV station which was established in the year 2007 owned by the Mediamax Network Limited. Their uploaded video count is substantial: 28,441 videos with a total viewership count of 47,707,701. The channel has 122, 667 subscribers.

3. Kenya CitizenTV

This is the the official YouTube account of Citizen TV, the most popular TV station in Kenya,which is part of the Royal Media Group. The channel has 179,826 subscribers which warranties it to be third on the list. They have uploaded 33,761 videos.

2. KTN Kenya

Second on this list is the official YouTube account of KTN, a subsidiary of the Standard Group. KTN is one of the leading TV stations in Kenya and have amassed 212,365 subscribers in their channel. They have uploaded 46,341 videos, which is the highest in this list, which have been viewed 103,951,997 times

1. NTV Kenya

The number one YouTube channel in Kenya is the official NTV YouTube account, which has garnered an impressive 222,557 subscribers. NTV is a leading TV station that is a part of the Nation Media Group. The channel has 40,878 videos which have amassed the highest number of views: 197,728,109.