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YouTube for Android Now Rolling out Topic Filters on the Homepage

The giant Google-owned video sharing platform, YouTube is launching new features including hiding comments and subscriber counts by default, a revamped UI on YouTube...

YouTube Promises to Delete Politically Incorrect Content and Channels

Soon, YouTubers who post politically incorrect or conservative content on the world’s largest video-sharing platform will not be able to do so after the...

YouTube Axes Plan to Rival Netflix and Prime Video with High-end Content

There are several extremely lucrative tech-based ventures across the globe right now: e-commerce (provided you do it right by diversifying product portfolios and ensuring...
nba africa live basketball africa

NBA Will Show Live Basketball Games on YouTube For the Next 3 Weekends

Basketball is one of the most popular sports that we have in the world and the most popular league is the NBA based in...
youtube premium youtube music south africa

South Africa Becomes the First African Country to Get YouTube Premium and YouTube Music

Google today has announced that they have rolled out YouTube Premium  and YouTube Music in South Africa. This is the first time they are doing this in...
youtube raising offline limit

YouTube Might Raise the Limit For Offline Video Quality Soon

One of my favourite things about the YouTube is that you can download videos for offline viewing. This is cool for various reasons like...

Microsoft Now Neck and Neck with Apple as the Most Valuable Companies

Microsoft is now neck and neck with Apple. When Big Tech conversations come up, Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook always take centre stage while underestimating...

Facebook’s Portal is a Privacy Breach in Waiting, Microsoft Declares Love for Linux, We Learn That Google+ Isn’t Really...

Facebook Portal is the social media giant’s entry into the hardware realm. Facebook launched both Portal and Portal+, their new voice-controlled, video-calling device that...

Inventor of The Web Fires Cannons Against Tech Giants While Instagram Founders Unfriend Mark Zuckerberg

Instagram's Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger unfriend Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Kevin and Mike called it quits on the photo-sharing platform which they founded in 2010 and...

Twitter Pulls the Plug on Alex Jones as Instagram Turns into an E-Commerce Platform

Conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones and Infowars get permanently banned from Twitter Alex Jones got axed from Twitter after confronting Oliver Darcy, a CNN journalist who had...

We Overuse Technology. Here’s How to Detach Without Going Off-Grid

There’s so much tech surrounding us – from the multiple devices we use to the websites we visit. Our everyday interaction with tech has...

Did Octopizzo Fake YouTube Views on His Newest Music Video?

The future of video has never been so bright as it appears just about now. From a marketing, and content creation perspective, YouTube remains the...

Apple Dongles On the $1 Trillion Train, Facebook’s Dating App Begins Testing and Google Ventures into China

Two decades ago, Apple Inc. was close to bankruptcy - Now, it's worth nearly 7 Jeff Bezoses. Apple just reached the $1 trillion market cap...

Facebook Reverses Ban on Some Crypto-Ads, Updates Stories as It Reaches 400m Daily Users

Facebook & Co. Facebook relaxed its ban on some cryptocurrency adverts. The company will now allow some preapproved advertisers to promote crypto businesses and services, like...
how to create gifs via giphy

How To Easily Create GIFs from YouTube Videos

Creating gifs nowadays is easy
champions league youtube

Champions League and Europa League Finals Will Be Free to Watch on YouTube

YouTube is seriously underrated for such events

Simple Hack to Play YouTube Videos in the Background on Your Phone

Despite the major steps we have made in the technological space as human beings, there are two things that seem to be too complex...

YouTube Has Made it Quite Hard For Smaller Channels to Monetize

YouTube has grown immensely since its roots as a video repository before being acquired by Google. It now has 1.5 billion monthly active users...
youtube android

YouTube is Working on 4 New Features That are Hidden in the Android App

YouTube apk teardown reveals 4 hidden features

YouTube Showcases Its New Logo and User Interface

YouTube is ushering a new look and logo

Google’s Love for Messaging Apps Lives, Sneaks in Chat Feature in YouTube’s Latest Update

Google has an obsession with messaging/chat apps. It is a niche that the tech giant has failed to crack thanks to the success of...
youtube redirect users

YouTube Will Redirect Users From Extremist Content

A month ago, YouTube outlined steps it would take to combat extremist content on its network. This has become a must do on social...

YouTube Outlines Four Steps To Combat Extremist Content

YouTube will make significant steps in reining in the spread of extremist content on their network

Report: YouTube Is Planning To Produce More Than 40 Original Shows In The Next Year

YouTube is widely regarded as the largest online video repository where you get to enjoy content being uploaded by people around the world for...
youtube white

An All-White User Interface for the YouTube Mobile App Could be in the Works

Just a few hours ago the headlines were all about the new YouTube look on desktop. Google updated YouTube to a modern material design...
YouTube desktop material design

YouTube For Desktop Has Been Given The Material Design Treatment

YouTube is part of the Google family but the desktop experience has never been updated to the material design philosophy that was launched with...

Watch This 17.5 Hour Long YouTube Video of A Guy Clicking A Mouse A Million Times

A YouTuber decided to make a video of him clicking his mouse a million times

YouTube Launches Mobile Streaming Where Creators Can Earn Money

  YouTube has always been a sleeping giant when it comes to providing a mainstream livestream service. They have been providing the service for a...

Where To Follow Donald Trump’s Inauguration Live on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

You can follow the inauguration of Donald Trump on livestreams that are being broadcasted on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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