YouTube Launches a Social Campaign to Celebrate Africa’s Diversity

YouTube Voices of Africa
Image Credits: YouTube

YouTube, in partnership with a select group of African creators, has launched a new social campaign to celebrate the diversity of the continent’s cultural heritage. The campaign, called “The Voices of Africa” debuts ahead of the festive period which sees many Africans visit their hometowns from the cities where they are based. The social campaign seeks to celebrate the continent’s unique and traditional expressions.

Creators from across Sub-Saharan Africa were challenged to create and share videos on the platform that reveal their unique cultural heritage stories. This entailed capturing their interpretation of cultural heritage through stories about their local traditions and practices, conservations with friends and family, and with people in their community. These stories have been shared on the creators’ YouTube Channels and also the YouTube “Google Africa” Channel.

“At YouTube, we have always prioritized and recognized the diverse cultures, creators, artists and content on the platform. The Voices of Africa campaign is an opportunity that allows us to spotlight the uniqueness of Africa’s cultural heritage through the different voices and experiences of creators across the continent,” says Strategic Partner Manager at YouTube, Twala Ngambi.

“We’ve encouraged the creators to be as creative as possible, giving them the freedom to craft their heritage stories in a way that will best relate to their audiences as well as showcase their authenticity. Whether it’s taking us into their family homes, the primary school they attended, or sharing a personal family recipe with us, we believe that each story will educate, entertain and inspire audiences,” continues Ngambi.

Some creators part of the campaign

Some of the creators partnering with YouTube for the Voices of Africa campaign include Kenya’s Kate Kendy and Susan Wahome. Kendy takes her viewers on a journey through her history, heritage as well as the countryside. Wahome shares a video on the secrets behind great African food. Additionally, Ethiopian, Wongel Zelalem provides an in-depth look at her cultural heritage.

From South Africa, Seithati Letsipa unpacks the cultural practice of Pabadimo, a thanksgiving ceremony in her culture. Banele Ndaba takes audiences on a journey through his upbringing and conversations with his family. Reggie Mohlabi also shares an in-depth look at his background with audiences.

Nigerian storyteller Steven Ndukwu travels to Kano to take an immersive look at Dambe, a martial art of the Hausa people from West Africa. Finally, Nigerian creator ‘Stylebreme’ takes her followers on a journey, unpacking her love for African Wax Prints.

In addition, the campaign also aims to share the continent’s unique stories and voices with the rest of the world.