Andrew Kibe “Whipped” by YouTube

Kibe YouTube channel terninated

Andrew Kibe a controversial YouTuber based in the US has had his YouTube channel terminated. The terminated channel had nearly 500,000 subscribers and accumulated 160 million views.

It is one of Kenya’s most subscribed channels. Currently, Kenya has just about 14 channels with more than 1 million subscribers.
The podcaster took to other social media platforms to lament stating he would move to other platforms.

Have been testing out the live feature on Yafreeka and I am confident we shall be going Live this Friday. “Sign up there and start uploading your content. We are the content cartel! Meanwhile, catch me tonight same time here on X, Rumble, Instagram, and TikTok. The train left the station bruh,” he said.
However, Andrew Kibe has since opened a fresh YouTube channel. At the time of writing, the new channel has over 12000 subscribers. Additionally, Kibe has already posted 7 videos.

Reason for Andrew Kibe Ban

It is not clear what circumstances led to the termination of Kibe’s YouTube account. Kibe has not stated publicly what reason was shared by the platform. YouTube states: “If your channel is terminated, you will get an email explaining the reason for the termination
Andrew Kibe has worked as a presenter on local Kenyan channels. He quit Media and focused on his YouTube channel where he airs views that tend to split public opinion.
Other Kenyans have been banned before. The comedian Flaqo suffered a similar fate. However, he went through YouTube’s appeal process and recovered his channel.

Kibe’s fan will wait to see if he will recover his channel or he has accepted that YouTube has “whipped” him