Twitter Has Made Conversations Easier To Follow

Twitter Conversations

Twitter ConversationsIf you’ve been a regular Twitter user, there have been times when a certain tweet generates a storm of replies and you can easily get lost trying to get the epicenter of the conversation. Well, Twitter is aiming to fix that with an update.

Twitter outed an update that  makes it easier for the over 300 million active users to follow conversations easily. Previously, real time conversations were harder to follow, especially those that were replies to a certain popular tweet. The micro-blogging company has aimed to fix that by grouping conversations together and highlighting the most interesting replies of the specific tweet, right below that tweet.

Currently, conversations on Twitter are connected by a line. The new update improves on that feature by adding a “view other replies” button so as to well see more of the replies of the specific tweet. Twitter will also take it into account whether the account which posted the fiery tweet has replied so as to surface the conversation to other users.

According to their blog, Twitter have promised to improve the experience from the new feature continuously so that it would be easier for users to find & participate in those conversations.

Roll-out of the feature began late yesterday to all logged in and logged out users of Twitter’s Web client. However, Twitter said that their official mobile Twitter clients will be updated in the future, albeit they didn’t specify the exact date.

Right now, after perusing through conversations, we’ve not seen the update in the official Twitter Web client and this is due to the gradual nature of the roll-out worldwide.