Twitter Has Now Taken Blocking to a Whole New Level

Twitter Block list

Twitter yesterday night announced shared block lists, a feature that is designed to help users share block lists on the site. Initially, you had to manually look for the trolls and block them one by one.

This feature will be most helpful to users like celebrities or other famous Twitter users who experience large numbers of unwanted mentions on the site. Thanks to this new feature, they can share block lists of known trolls between each other so as to improve their Twitter experience. The company hopes that these advanced blocking tools will prove useful also to the developer community to improve the experience

On December, they added a blocked accounts page in Twitter’s web client settings menu, which gives you a list of the accounts you’ve blocked. Now, to share or obtain blocked accounts lists, navigate to settings, click the blocked accounts tab then proceed to click on the advanced options drop down menu which gives you 2 options: Exporting your list if you want to share or importing a list from another user.


The company hopes that this feature is another step towards making Twitter safer for everyone. Earlier on February through a leaked internal memo, Twitter CEO, Dick Costello admitted the company sucked at dealing with abuse and trolls on the platform. He further said that they were going to start kicking these people off right and left so as to make sure when they issue their ridiculous attacks, nobody hears them. Well it seems, this update is one of the ongoing measures the company is taking to fulfill that mission.

The company said the feature will be available to some users starting today and to all users in the coming weeks.


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