Be Careful What You Post on Social Media: Teen Fired for Complaining About New Job

Social media user

Jobs are not easy to come by even in the land of the American dream. And when they come by, in our very connected world where every minute of our lives has to be properly documented like the minutes of a national security committee meeting and shared widely with millions of strangers, we have to tell the world in the best way possible: Twitter. However, that will only hold if the tweet is a positive one.

If you’re a teenage girl and the said job is something you don’t really think you’ll enjoy but still need the cash to stay afloat then you’re better off using something like Secret. Oh wait, that one closed shop. One Cella, from Texas, had just landed a new job in a pizza parlour. She took to Twitter to express her candid feelings about her new job. Looks like it wasn’t the smartest of moves anyway. Her new employer took to the same platform to respond to her tweet and relive her of her duties even before she could set foot at her new workplace for the first time. Fired. Just like that.

Cella Twitter

The best part about it all? The employer, a Mr Robert Waple, had joined Twitter back in 2009 and never tweeted. After the exchange, he promised to be back in another six years. With social media usage still on the rise and young people using social media for almost everything, he may likely be checking his Twitter more often if he has any hopes of employing millenials.

The tweets on both accounts have since been taken down.

While legal issues may arise as a result of the way Mr Waple treated young Ms Cella after her unfortunate tweet, the takeaway is that there’s always somebody watching and the internet never forgets so be careful.